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With so much information out there about limo rentals, sifting information out of sales pitches can get old. What you do find out is probably outdated or tailored to fit specific limousine companies anyway, so it is even harder to get down to brass tacks. Ask yourself some essential questions to determine what you need out of a Toronto limo rental company. The most frequently asked questions are pretty standard across companies and they usually focus on cost, booking procedures, what to expect, and etiquette.

To get the most for your money, consider how long you will need the Toronto limo rental for, as well as the amount of people that will be riding in the limo. The amount of people will determine the size of the Toronto limo rental that you will need. Limousine companies often have minimum time requirements, so be sure to check into these, but generally the shorter amount of time for the rental, the less you have to shell out. Note the limousine company's policy on when the meter starts as well; most companies start when they leave the garage. Sometimes gratuity is included in your rate, but if it is not, be sure to remember your chauffeur and add the expense of a 15-20% tip to the total cost of your Toronto limo rental.

For special occasions, such as weddings or proms, it is always best to book well in advance of the event date. Booking early ensures that you will avoid disappointment and get the exact Toronto limo rental that you envision. Wedding season and prom season tend to book up quickly. Also, enquire about any specialty packages that the limousine company offers. Often times companies will offer packages that include flowers, champagne, or other romantic accoutrement to make your night out unforgettable.

When you make the booking for your Toronto limo rental, find out what types of payment the company accepts as well as their policies on changing or canceling a reservation. It helps to know their hours of operation as well in case you need to phone in a question about your reservation. When you find a company that you feel comfortable with, go ahead and book it!

Although it is commonplace in movies to see characters standing with their head through the sunroof of their limousine, in reality this is illegal, so it is best avoided. Also contrary to what movies might have us believe, the legal drinking age and all anti-drug laws still apply in the back seat of limos. If your wish is to have a comfortable, enjoyable time in your Toronto limo rental, be sure to respect the law and the limousine company's property. Chauffeurs are generally given license to end a ride if company rules or laws are being broken, and in these cases customers forfeit any refunds. The privacy window is often shown being rolled up on a chatty chauffeur, but in real life, this window can be rolled up or down at the chauffeur's discretion.

If you abide by these behavioral guidelines, your Toronto limo rental experience should be a pleasant one. Limousines are tasteful modes of transport and include chic leather seats, track-lighting, and often times a television and stereo equipment for entertainment. So, let your driver focus on the road and you can sit back and enjoy your ride in the lap of luxury.