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Riding a Toronto limousine bus, also called a Toronto party bus, is one of the most luxurious experiences ever. Unlike regular buses, these ones have high quality interiors with leather seating, special lighting and plasma screen TVs providing a unique bus riding experience. They are built for partying and come with a driver so you don't need to worry about finding someone with a license to drive a larger vehicle. Why would you choose to hire a Toronto party bus? Here are just a few reasons.

1. Shuttling wedding guests. If you have a number of wedding guests from out of town, don't provide plain buses for transportation. Instead, show them the posh side of living in Toronto with a party bus. Since you can rent the bus for an entire day or week, have the driver take people where they need to go, bring them from the hotel to the church or from the church to the reception location. A Toronto party bus is also a great way for the bridal party to arrive at the church and get to various venues after the ceremony.

2. Enjoying the ultimate bachelor/ette party. What should you do during your last few hours of being single? A Toronto party bus gives you plenty of options. From touring the city to bar hopping and just partying inside the bus, it will certainly be a wild celebration that will have everyone talking for months.

3. Taking a road trip. When a group needs to get somewhere, they frequently rent a bus. Limo buses allow for up to 46 passengers, depending on the model, and come with a driver to make things even easier. The luxurious interior of the Toronto party bus makes a long road trip infinitely easier to bear and is the perfect option for youth groups, family reunions or any other large group that may need transport over a distance.

4. Impress guests at a corporate function. If you have business guests coming in from out of town for a conference, business negotiations or other events, the best way to impress them is to treat them to transportation that will wow them. While a limousine will do if there are only a handful of guests, you will need to rent something larger like a Toronto party bus to take them to and from business meetings. In some cases, conferences may treat their VIP guests to a Toronto party bus to get to the conference location.

5. Celebrate a birthday. While most people celebrate their 16th birthday with plenty of hype, just about any birthday will do for a fun celebration in a party bus. Since you can get at least 30 people into all but the smallest limo buses, they are ideal for birthday parties and can be a fun way to shuttle the guests from one area to another. A Toronto party bus has plenty of uses, from road trips to parties. The interior is designed for fun, no matter what your age and can be an excellent way to tour the city, go club hopping or just hang out. If you have an event or celebration coming up it's worth looking into renting a limo bus.