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Wedding Videographer Service - Toronto wedding Videography - Click here to view Wedding Videos Philio Video Studio wedding videos are copyrighted and may not be reproduced. wedding videography services and packages are listed online We are wedding videographers based in Toronto. Our wedding videos are original and may not be reproduced.

Our wedding videography is best classified as unobtrusive. Our Toronto wedding videography is always unobtrusive... wedon't direct or force wedding couples to do skits. Our wedding videography style is to remain a silent observer and capture the details and emotion of the wedding day. We then edit our wedding footage into a concise narrative that is unique to each wedding couple. Please enter our website to see samples of our wedding videography products.

Toronto Wedding Videography

by:Philio Video Studio

A Philio Video Studio wedding videographer approachs the wedding day as documentary historians capturing the life and energy... the sights and sounds... the memories you will want to remember forever.

Our wedding videos are edited with a classical film approach, emphasising the wedding, the guests, the moments... not the wedding videographer or the wedding video special effects.

PhilioVideo Studio produces wedding videos that engage our viewers and reveal the wedding day in a simple and elegant fashion.

Toronto Wedding Video

There are a variety of styles when it comes to Wedding Videography.

The simplest form of style is the documentary approach. The wedding day events are capture on video and edited in a simple chronological order. Often companies use this approach and may refer to it as a "light edit".

These wedding videos can be from 1-3 hours long and are not as compelling because of the lengthy shots.

Another style of wedding videography is the "Love Style" approach. Often the videographer will interact with the guests and may even create skits... enough said.

Philio Video Studio takes a different approach. We do not tell people what to do on their wedding day. We capture the wedding day events with a certain approach so that we remain unobtrusive. By not pushing our cameras onto your guests, we capture the spontaneous and memorable moments as they happen.

It is in the editing process where we sift through the wedding day footage to create an edited masterpiece unique to your wedding day.

The result?

You have a tasteful and elegantly edited wedding video that is compelling and emotive... the kind of wedding video you may find yourself watching over and over and over....

Our clients often describe our style as cinematic. We incorporate traditional editing techniques founded in cinema to create a wedding video that is fresh, dynamic, and exciting.

Please feel free to contact us so we can schedule an appointment with you to watch additional samples.

Philio Video Studio

Toronto Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography

Significant Benefits of Digital Wedding Photography

10 Tips for a Great Wedding Ceremony

We at Philio Video have filmed from every possible angle and have seen a lot of wonderful ceremonies... here's what we've noticed:

10. Make It Your Own A wedding ceremony that is unique and personal to the bride and groom is a priviledge to attend. There are many ways to incorporate details that express your personality. Carefully choosing the decor, programs, readings, and music in ways that represent your preferences will reflect your style and help your guests feel welcomed.

9. Think of Your Guests Make your guests feel welcomed. Are you having an outdoor ceremony? You could leave a bottle of water on every chair for them. Which way will the sun face? Try to have the sun behind your guests so they aren't looking into it for the whole ceremony. Do you have ushers that can welcome your guests upon arrival?

8. Set the mood Music can do this quickly. Is it possible to have your music start 20-30 minutes prior to your arrival? As your guests arrive they can immediately be enchanted with soft music... the time will drift by until suddenly the arrival of the bride... everyone will be calm and cool... except the groom, of course... no amount of music will relax him!

7. Personalized Programs These are a great way to express your personality. Help your guests get to know more about you with tiny blurbs about all the people involved in the ceremony. You can help each family learn more about "the other side." You can briefly describe each member of the bridal party. You can explain who the people are that are doing the readings

6. Arrive on Time It's nice to keep that groom waiting a little bit... just to see how much he'll buckle under the pressure, but what about all your guests? Nobody will mind starting a few minutes late... but the anticipation will be building until the arrival of the bride. The key is to arrive when that anticipation has peaked, not past.

5. The Officiant He/she can set the mood of the entire ceremony. Generally, the more you are known by this Officiant, the more he/she can offer. His/her personality can also help create a unique ocassion that is specific to each couple. Finding ways to become known to this individual can be quite beneficial... you can pick up some solid adviceabout relationships that work vs. relationships that fail because of the amount of involvement your Officiant often has with members of their congregation. Pre-martial sessions help unite and prepare a way for smooth communication. In turn, your Officiant will come to know you better and can then help your guests from each side of the family know more about "the person you are marrying" thus creating a personal ceremony.

4. Rehearsal This is a great way to bring everyone together... and the fun starts here. Arrive on time and allow the Officiant to offer his (or her) expertise... s/he's done this many times. Having a rehearsal dinner can also bring your families together so that the wedding day can be more relaxed for everyone.

3. Don't Forget What are all those things you were supposed to remember for the ceremony? That's right, write them down. Then it's just a matter of checking a list. Creating a list on the groom's behave is not a bad idea... and it's probably better to give it to the Best Man. The memory of a typical groom can become clouded in the hours prior to "the big day."

2. Videography The ceremony is what the day is built around... it's what will join your lives' together. It can be quite nerve-racking to stand infront of so many people who are watching your every move... but this is what the rest of the day is celebrating. And 95% of everything will be forgotten within a week. The flowers, the decorations, the food... it'll all disappear. The essence of videography is the gift of time-travel. Seeing an image of a moment... or watching and hearing the moments play out on video will be the only chance you have to relive that day. The gift of video can be passed on to your children and grandchildren... who wouldn't want to see a professional video of their great-grandmother on her wedding day? What about a series of images that tell a unique story?

1. Enjoy Every Moment The time will go fast... and then it will be over. Take each moment for what it is because it is the only day you will have like it. Things will never be perfect... but things can be perfect in it's own way. The guests will enjoy the day only if you enjoy it first. The joy you receive from your ceremony will reflect the joy you put into it. Plan it your way and then enjoy whatever comes.

Philio Video

Toronto Wedding Videographers


There is one factor that has proven to be right for every wedding we've attended... if the bride and groom enjoy their wedding, the guests will also enjoy the wedding.

It's that simple.

As wedding videographers, our focus on the wedding day is to document the emotions of the bride and groom as they come together and interact with all their guests. It is an overwhelming joy to be around happy people on a wedding day. When the bride and groom are having fun, that joy spreads to all the guests. We have the wedding photos and wedding videos to prove it.

The challenge?

Something will go wrong... it's inevitable. When planning an event like a wedding with so many variables, not every detail will run as planned. The results can be stressful. However, if the bride and groom are able to enjoy themselves (despite the stress) and choose to remain positive when things go wrong, the wedding day will develop into a unique and successful event. The guests will enjoy themselves and contribute to the success of the wedding through their enjoyment.

Good times will be had by all.

As wedding videographers, we can see the essence of the wedding day for what it is intended to be... love. That is why two people choose to be together. It is why your guests bother to attend. It will be the focus of a successful marriage.

As wedding photographers and wedding videographers, we can see the essence of the wedding day for what it is intended to be... love. That is why two people choose to be together. It is why your guests bother to attend. It will be the focus of a successful marriage

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